Friday, October 9, 2009

Pizza Night!


This is Daisy dog. Rachel, Ella, and Mommy headed up to Calhoun this past week to go visiting with cousins and cousin dogs. I had to stay home. Mommy and Daddy said it was to get "blessed" at the church, but I decided that I would have none of that. So I took off that morning. Daddy thought I would be back in plenty of time to get blessed. Boy, was he wrong. I reappeared thirty minutes before noon. So no, blessing for me. Mommy later reminded Daddy that he could have picked up some blessing water "to go" but he'd not thought about that.

However, the weekend wasn't all bad. Daddy played with me some. I got dessert and lots of extra attention. Mommy left the special dessert for me, before they all headed out for Calhoun. She told me that I'll get to go next time. I can hardly wait.

The other really exciting thing about Mommy's trip was that Daddy decided to buy pizza for supper the night that she returned. Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed that. I think that Mommy was very pleased. I just wish that Daddy had told her it was my idea.

Mommy must have figured that out on her own though, because the very next night she let Rachel and me have pizza! I think it was Daddy's pizza that she shared with us because it had meat on it. YUM!! I didn't care much for the crust though, and just ate the cheese, meat and sauce off of the top. Mommy thought that was funny.

I sure love it when Mommy does nice things like that for us. Maybe next time Rachel will tell you all about the new treats that Mommy ordered for us. Dogfully, I think that she should give us treats and special suppers every night. What do y'all think?


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